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The Instructors


Wendy Keller – Event Director

Wendy Keller is a prominent nonfiction literary agent, responsible for +1,200 book and other rights deals worldwide, including 16 New York Times best-sellers and 7 international best-sellers.  Because the most successful authors are often also speakers, she has been helping talented people launch speaking careers since 1995. Her expertise is in comprehensive content development, organization and marketing. She has trained ~7,500 speakers and worked with the content of many of the nation’s top speakers, including 8 presidents of the National Speakers Association. www.KellerMedia.com

Ryan Azevedo (right) – Marketing Expert

Ryan Azevedo (“As-ee-VAY-dough”) specializes in making speakers, filmmakers, musicians and authors look good online. He and his team of innovative web designers, social media experts and online marketing strategists help content authorities transform their collective online presence to attract more viewers, more readers…and more meeting planners.  His work helps people sequentially, logically and precisely hone in on which aspects of their content their market is most interested in.  He will show you how to look good, get people to notice and interact with your posts online, and sort through the jumble so you can listen to your audience and refine your message – and your speech, products and book – to suit what people most want to buy from you.  www.MediaBlitzz.com

Steve Rizzo, CPAE – Platform Skills Coach, Former Touring Comedian

Steve Rizzo is a former touring comedian, working with greats such as Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O’Donnell and others.  As a hugely popular professional speaker since 1995, Steve regularly entertains and inspires audiences all over the country.  His ability to help emerging speakers think through their content and then infuse it with just the right amount of humor makes him an invaluable asset in the development of your speech.  People love to learn while they’re laughing.  Even if you think you’re not funny  – or your topic is quite serious – being able to make people laugh a little makes them more attentive to your speech, increases your charisma and likability, and induces meeting planners to prefer your performance.  Steve is a recipient of the prestigious CPAE award, one of only 428 people in the world.  This is the highest award that can be conferred on professional speakers. (Sort of like the Nobel prize or the Pulitzer.)  Steve’s own ability to be funny yet powerful is stunning to observe, but his ability to help you find the humor in your own message and then deliver it with panache will quickly help you become a preferred choice on the speaking circuit.  www.SteveRizzo.com

Bernard HillerBernard Hiller — Acting Trainer to the Stars

Bernie’s exceptional gift is to see the spark, the glow, the uniqueness inside a performer and help them become a star speaker. It will change the way you see yourself.  He has started the career of Cameron Diaz, he has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino and dozens of other well-known artists and business speakers.   A combination of  movement, authenticity, gestures and energy he will transform you into a speaker who exudes charisma and confidence. www.Bernard-Hiller.com

Jeff Roldan

Jeff Roldan – Master Creator of Speaker Videos

Jeff’s dynamic, powerful, compelling speaker videos make any speaker look like a superstar. Jeff will film you as you work with the other instructors to test and practice your speech. You will be provided with a copy of your performance.  This is footage you can use as the centerpiece of your critical speaker demo so you can be promoted to A-list speaking venues. www.Creative-Realm.com